Our mission is to steward the most useful decentralized platform that empowers anyone to create digitally scarce things people love

There is nothing better than seeing your favorite band play a show in a tiny club, spending an entire afternoon playing a great new video game, or boarding a flight to a place you’ve wanted to visit your entire life. Digital assets like tickets, in-game items, and loyalty points are the fuel that enable us to enjoy many of the experiences we look forward to the most. Tari is focused on fundamentally changing how we interact with digital assets.

Our goal is to make digital assets easier for businesses and consumers to issue, manage, transfer and use. To do this, we are building a team that is committed to a culture that values transparency, diversity, collaboration, and understands the integral role each contributor plays in the success of the Tari ecosystem. Interested in helping us make Tari a reality? Check out our openings below.


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